How it came to be

It was just a group of friends
Early in 2000 a group of friends decided to share their passion for dance with the community. Originally put together to perform with R&B sensation Miriam Reyes, the dance crew eventually gained popularity for their own performances. Practicing for hours in a nearby garage, they made a recognizable name in Vancouver’s dance community.

The original FreshGroove
Freshgroove dance crew's reputation grew while performing at local nightclubs, community events, import car shows around Vancouver BC and Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta. The team won Driven to Perform (a major street dance competition) 3 years in a row. They also won the title of Pacific Northwest Number 1 Dance Crew (2002, 2003, and 2004). They performed with artists Miriam Reyes, Da Griff, Jenna G, Jin the MC and other local talent. Fresh Groove as a dance crew retired in 2004 from competing and turned their passion to teaching kids.

Freshgroove As a production
Today Fresh Groove Productions has become one of the leading dance studios dedicated exclusively to teaching Hip Hop, Street & Break-dancing. The studio is located in Richmond, B.C. and have students, ranging in age from 5 to 21.  Cezar has coached many of his students to victory at both local and international competitions.  In 2006 Fresh Groove Productions entered the International Dance Challenge and all three teams were invited to the finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Fresh Groove Productions brought home 2 national platinum championships, best technical group, the entertainment challenge, and numerous other awards.

The Professional Team


Cezar Tantoco


Cezar choreographed and produced music for the Hip-hop finale of the 2010 Winter Olympics. A pioneer in Canada's Hip-Hop dance scene, Ce started as a Break-dancer back in 1984, dancing professionally throughout Canada on shows such as MTV, MuchMusic, the Nuno Awards.

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Mark Dogillo

Head Coach

In 2008, he formed and began coaching Illest Vibe. Through hard work and dedication, they dominated high school competitions all over the lower mainland such as Next Level, Footloose, Surrey Dance Festival, and Peak Invitational, just to name a few.

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The Senior Coaches


Laura Claridad

With the knowledge and training she has gained over the years, she began creating choreography of her own and is now the coach of an additional crew in Fresh Groove called “R@W”

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Nicole Yipp

Nicole strives to teach and pass on all that she has learned throughout her 13 years of training

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Sydney Rodriguez

Having very successful years, Sydney worked with another coach (MC) and took our girls only team (Swaggadelikz) to Second Place at WOD Vancouver (junior division)

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